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26 December 2004

Sunday spottings (and despottings)

I have yet to wash my car in the driveway at Surlywood, partially out of some vague concern for the environment, but mostly because I am lazy and would rather have the machine at the Shell station do it for six bucks. But poor Sandy, having carried around the traces of last Wednesday's snow for half a week, was looking a lot older than her (just under) 40,000 miles, and this being still technically the holiday season, I was in the mood to indulge both myself and the car, so off we went to the Red Carpet Car Wash at 50th and Pennsylvania, an idea which apparently occurred to about a hundred other people today.

The amazing thing about this place is that it works despite its atmosphere of utter chaos, from the fellow who soaped something that looked like "GAS F 87 WAX CH" on the glass — "fill up, 87 octane, wash and wax, cherry-scented air freshener" would accurately describe what I ordered — to the person who found two quarters under the seat and left them on the console (I promptly lost one of them again), to the chap who wielded his blue towels like a toreador in a hurricane. And those are just the people I was watching when I wasn't trying to strike up a conversation with the gorgeous blonde with the gold Oldsmobile. I can remember times when I spent a lot more than $33 for a lot less entertainment.

I've seen this twice now: a Chrysler PT Cruiser with a Continental kit. I suppose it says something about Bryan Nesbitt's original retro design that this car doesn't actually look ridiculous with a fake spare tire sticking out of its rear bumper, though it may be a function of the original gunmetal-grey paint color; I don't want to see this in yellow or red.

The city's Thou Shalt Not Skate ordinance covers most of the downtown area, though it doesn't extend as far north as Winans Park (the circular park along Broadway south of 23rd), where I saw a few folks parked outside the old Borden plant packing up their boards. I did some temp work at Borden many years ago, and I seem to remember some strange stretches of concrete along there, which presumably explains the appeal.

And I hadn't thought about this before, but if I ran a moviehouse inside a mall with a marquee outside the mall, I'd surely place Meet the Fockers as high off the ground as I possibly could.

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I like Red Carpet Car Wash but I always opt for the regular wash only. No high priced gas here even if they do pump it for you :)

As for the movie . . have you seen it?

Posted by: ms7168 at 6:26 PM on 26 December 2004

It's not that high. (Okay, it was $1.809, but for every four gallons you buy, they knock a buck off; this is the equivalent, therefore, of paying 1.559, which is competitive with your local Kwik-E-Mart.)

And I didn't see the first appearance of that Focker, come to think of it.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:54 PM on 26 December 2004

I used to love the Red Carpet bunch but got "de-changed" twice in a row a couple of years ago and gave it up. The few bucks I lost to the opportunity thieves was annoying but the management attitude toward it was abysmal and flavored my non return. Probably a once in a little while occurence but it hit me wrong and I haven't been back...kind of a rage against the machine kinda thing I guess.

Glad you had a good experience there.

Posted by: Ron at 1:39 AM on 27 December 2004