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27 December 2004

Many fabulous dates

Three hundred sixty-five of them, in fact, illustrated by a couple of computers from my past (and about nine or ten from Terkish Payne's present, I'd bet).

It's the Classic Computers of the Past 2005 Calendar, and I'm lucky enough to have one, even if it does displace Michelle Malkin and Monica Crowley.

Oh, wait. I have more than one wall, don't I?

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» Bits and bytes, if a bit dated from The Anger of Compassion
This would be a cool calendar to have. Not to date myself, but I've actually seen or owned ten of the twelve (never heard of the Enterprise or the Hit Bit thingie). And Charles needs to consider how to use......[read more]

Too bad the calendar didn't include this one:

Posted by: Craig Ceely at 7:01 PM on 27 December 2004

and how about the famous TRS 80 ... THE first computer for hte "common man" ...hehehehe

Posted by: Ron at 7:05 PM on 28 December 2004

Um, none of my readers are at all common. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:02 PM on 28 December 2004

I wrote an "RPG" based on the Smurfiverse on a TRS-80 - in BASIC.

Yes, lame. But I was 10.

Posted by: Dan at 11:40 PM on 28 December 2004

It didn't have the SuperBrain, either.. But it's close enough to perfect.

Terkish Payne, still looking for the Perfect Spot to hang mine.. It'll be there for years, so it has to be Just Right.

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 11:58 AM on 31 December 2004