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31 December 2004

For a few dollars more

Tsunami Relief postings are all over the place now, sending me into full MEGO* mode. So I missed this one from Dawn Eden, citing an effort mentioned by The Penitent Blogger.

It didn't, er, dawn on me until I'd followed a few links that this was a Blogmosis operation, and even then it took a while to sink in.

And then: "Holy mother of pearl, Matt and Vicky are behind this?"

Skinflint that I am, it took me almost a whole minute to kick in some coin of the realm to St. Gabriel's, and another three or four minutes to come up with a post about it.
* Mine Eyes Glazeth Over

Posted at 2:13 PM to General Disinterest

Holy mother of pearl?

Thanks so much. I guess Vicky's cover is blown.

Posted by: Matt at 3:13 PM on 31 December 2004