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3 January 2005

Instructions to the novice

I've already posted a template explaining how to post like me.

If your aspirations are higher than that — and if they aren't, what's wrong with you? — here's a really efficient template from Beautiful Atrocities.

Posted at 5:02 PM to Blogorrhea

Remember back when using a computer to write something onto the equivalent of an electronic bulletin board was the province of a small gathering of smart people sitting in front of dumb terminals?

Why is it the other way around now?

Posted by: Captain And at 8:27 AM on 5 January 2005

The technology has advanced faster than the users. Nothing particularly unusual about that.

Actually, I don't get too worked up over it; assuming blogs follow Sturgeon's Law and 90 percent of them are crap, which is probably excessively generous a figure, that still leaves me thousands of things to read, more than enough to fill the available time.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:53 AM on 5 January 2005