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4 January 2005

He's bad, he's nationwide

When I read that notorious Nick Coleman blast at the Power Line guys, I caught one line that gave me pause:

Time magazine's "Blog of the Year" is not run by Boy Scouts. It is the spear of a campaign aimed at making Minnesota into a state most of us won't recognize. Unless you came from Alabama with a keyboard on your knee.

"Nick, my man," said I, "when Susanna sees that, she's gonna tear you a new one."

The ripping starts here.

Posted at 9:37 AM to Blogorrhea

That is ripping? All you people so enamored with the mighty Susanna need to get over yourselves (and her, too). I read the article - it is accurate. Susanna (as usual) ignores the content of the article and picks away at little things, and of course, throws in a few names too. All too typical of her, though still amusing.

Posted by: John at 12:57 PM on 4 January 2005

Actually, it's not accurate, and Power Line has pointed out exactly where it's not accurate, but I'm sure it's too much to expect you to have followed up on it.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:34 PM on 4 January 2005

Of course, anyone who disagrees...naturally did not followup. Still, not that Susanna exactly needs you to defend her, it was good of you to try. She's so full of herself..."Hey, Nick Coleman went after me too! (Um, sorta)" Yeah, ol' Nick Coleman was *really* talking about Susanna all along...sheesh, what a pathetic bunch you all are. (Too bad Susanna chickened out and turned off her comments, or I'd be pointing this all out to her too....

Posted by: John at 2:02 PM on 4 January 2005

Actually, she didn't turn off her comments; it's a technical issue that affects other blogs hosted by as well. (Geez, John, is there any conclusion to which you won't jump?)

Posted by: CGHill at 2:31 PM on 4 January 2005

Heh, well, if i lived in Alabama, and read an aticle in a Minnesota newspaper about an entirely different weblog, I probably would *not* jump to the conclusion that it was about me!

"Hey, Nick Coleman went after me too!"

Does that count?

(But then again, I'm not quite as full of myself as some of you on the "right" are.....)

Have a great day.

Posted by: John at 3:16 PM on 4 January 2005

John, since you can't comment on Susanna's blog, why not send her an e-mail?

See, she expresses her opinions in public under her real name and provides a means to contact her even if comments are down. But I guess if you sent her an e-mail she might be able to respond directly to you -- and you'd miss out on the opportunity to posture at someone else's expense without any risk to your own reputation.

There's a part of the male anatomy that is often credited for the courage to stand openly for what you say. How odd that Susanna seems to have bigger ones than "John."

Posted by: McGehee at 3:28 PM on 4 January 2005

I am pleased to report that John has actually followed McGehee's advice.

Yes, really.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:51 PM on 11 January 2005