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4 January 2005

The new digital age

I saw this as an ad on Gawker, and while it's certainly eye-catching, I'm not entirely sure it's the best way to pitch voice-over-IP telephone service.

Posted at 3:36 PM to Dyssynergy

Certainly doesn't convince me to click, link or buy. Does make me wonder if that is their attitude toward customer service as well.

Posted by: punctilious at 8:58 AM on 5 January 2005

Maybe that's her dialing finger?

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 10:19 AM on 5 January 2005

... if today's driving attitude was indicative of anything (there was an ice storm) it might have been her "driving" finger :) given the number of such gesticulations I saw... hehehe

Posted by: Ron at 7:57 PM on 5 January 2005