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5 January 2005

20 degrees

That was the temperature (Fahrenheit) when I got home today.

Not to be confused with 30 degrees, which is the angle of the driveway it took me three tries to climb, no thanks to today's ice storm.

(Or with 9 degrees, which is the expected low tonight.)

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Well, actually, it bottomed out around sunrise at 13 degrees, which is not what I'd call warm, but it's an improvement over 9 (or 8, which is what they were saying around 10 pm).

Posted by: CGHill at 10:13 AM on 6 January 2005

We're supposed to get snow here for the next three days. It doesn't snow much here in the Seattle area, and from what I understand, Seattleites can't drive in it. (Something to look forward to; whee!)

The snow is better than the forecast for the middle of next week, where the projected lows are 2 degrees, 3 degrees, and 5 degrees, under party cloudy skies. If those predictions hold, they will be the coldest temperatures this Ft. Lauderdale raised, longtime San Diego resident has ever experienced. 13 degrees sounds so much better than 2 degrees; wanna trade?

Posted by: timekeeper at 4:43 PM on 6 January 2005

I've had worse than 2, though not much worse. (I think -8 was as low as I've ever seen it here; it dropped to -10 on me when I was in Kansas City one winter weekend.)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:06 PM on 6 January 2005

20 degrees: quite balmy by MT standards this time of year!

Posted by: David at 11:04 PM on 6 January 2005

Yeah, we know. One of these days we're gonna drop you on an ice floe in Baffin Bay and watch you beam with delight. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:43 AM on 7 January 2005