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8 January 2005

He was the one

I suppose I should say something about Elvis, this being his seventieth and all, but by now there aren't any new insights about Elvis; everything you can imagine and way too many things you can't imagine, you can find already in an Elvis article somewhere.

Fortunately, what matters is the music, and with that in mind, I point you to The Big Trunk's astutely-chosen selection of ten Elvis greats, astute because (1) fully half of them are from the Sun sessions and (2) chart considerations are not a criterion for inclusion (although "Suspicious Minds" was a #1 hit, Elvis' last). I suspect that had Elvis never recorded anything beyond these ten tracks, he'd still be a legend.

Posted at 10:42 PM to Tongue and Groove

Kentucky Rain, IMHO, should be on the list of 10 best Elvis Songs.

However, Suspicious Minds is my number 1 of all time Rock and Roll Song. The entire song is one man trying to generate fake emotion while lying through his teeth. Greatness. "You know I'd never lie to you." Not even The Chairman, the master of phrasing, came close to anything like Elvis when he sings that.

Posted by: Chris at 1:09 PM on 11 January 2005

I do like "Kentucky Rain"; in fact, I got caught in some actual Kentucky rain in Bowling Green during a World Tour and had the good sense to burst into that song, though obviously not with any Elvislike charm.

That rain was cold, too, for a July.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:20 PM on 11 January 2005