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12 January 2005

Ain't nothing gonna break their stride

The tradition at Lyric Theatre has always been well within the mainstream, sometimes to the extent that you couldn't see the water's edge.

Last year Lyric floated closer to the edge with the inauguration of something called Second Stage, which would do projects a little beyond PG-13; the first such production was last winter's Pageant: The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest. I enjoyed this greatly, since it was prodigiously funny and generously stocked with gorgeous babes (Y chromosomes notwithstanding), and I noted at the time: "I have no idea what the second offering from Second Stage will be, but I'm there, Jack."

I'm not there yet — the opening is still a week and a half off — but I can't possibly miss this. I Want My 80's Musical, by Tom Stuart and Nick Demos — Demos, of course, is Lyric's artistic director — will be presented, as they say, for the first time anywhere. Or maybe not: what this is, mostly, is an expanded and extended version of Stuart's one-act Kids in America, which played Broadway in 2002, complete with nineteen songs from the period and seven different high-school students, a full 40-percent increase over The Breakfast Club.

And best of all, I get to see it before Michele does.

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Ain't nuthin' gonna pull me down.
Oh, Oh. You've got to keep on movin'.

Posted by: Jan at 3:07 PM on 13 January 2005

Last night I had the strangest dream.

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