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13 January 2005

Watch where you point that thing

A pilot departing Oklahoma City's Wiley Post Airport on New Year's Eve has reported that someone shone a laser beam in his face immediately after takeoff. The pilot contacted the control tower, and police searched the area adjacent to the airport.

Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta, who was in the city yesterday visiting the FAA's Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, announced that beginning next Wednesday all laser incidents must be reported to air traffic controllers. I expect that in the interest of avoiding the appearance of profiling, all reported incidents will receive the same response, regardless of the color or angle of the laser involved.

Posted at 3:35 PM to City Scene , Dyssynergy

Good God ... the nutjobs we have in this city ... people like this should be executed and their organs given to normal people ... wait I was channeling a Republican spirit ... ok, ok, we can't KILL them but could we just womp on 'em ... just a little bit ... please Mommy, please?

Posted by: Ron at 5:27 PM on 13 January 2005

A similar thing happened in New Jersey, and Homeland Security went after the man big time.

Posted by: Anna at 6:09 PM on 16 January 2005