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14 January 2005

How dare you make fun of us?

Dawn Eden has been a thorn — maybe the thorn — in Planned Parenthood's side for some months now.

I presume now that they and their allies are starting to feel it. After this post, featuring a caption contest for one of NARAL's "I Am Pro-Choice America" posters, somebody at the home office called in the lawyers, and the lawyers called Dawn, and I have to assume that threats were made, since the picture was removed.

Having been on the receiving end of this sort of thing myself, I know how scary it can be. Still — and keep in mind that I am not a lawyer — I think she was within her rights to post it in the first place, especially since she made its origins and her intentions clear.

As Drudge would say, "Developing...."

(Update, 11:40 pm: Dawn has revised her contest and is linking to a photo at NARAL's own site; I've cleaned up some sloppy language at this end, although probably not all of it.)

Posted at 5:56 PM to Blogorrhea

As much as I support Planned Parenthood and think Dawn was a bit too "thorny" I defend her right to do so ...... At least IMHO freedom after all trumps propriety and righteousness ... but hey I better not tell a lawyer joke cause they might come after me as well as those poor slobs back East ... lets face it ... some folks just can't be , er I mean, take a joke :)

Posted by: Ron at 6:13 PM on 14 January 2005

And, of course, said poor slobs did in fact hire a lawyer to represent them. Life is like that sometimes.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:30 PM on 14 January 2005