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15 January 2005

Beyond the river

The Downtown Guy has started a series about Capitol Hill, one part of the city that's seemingly never mentioned in all the recent flurry of expansion and restoration and renovation.

I wrote up a lot of pertinent stuff to serve as supplemental material, and it got so long — about 5.5k — that I reformatted it and posted it on the other side of the site as a Vent. I hope that the latter-day historians in our midst will find it useful, and that the born-and-bred southsiders will find it interesting.

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Good stuff! I'm glad to see these OKC-centric blogs appearing and it's especially nice to see they're not forgetting history! Speaking of....did you see where the old TV building that housed KOCO Channel 5 for years (NW 63rd and Portland) is GONE?? It had been KTBO 14 for years, KOKH before that, and channel 5 before that. KOCO left in the early eighties I think. I have great memories of visiting KOCO and getting on the Ho Ho Show with potato chip wrappers/bags. What was the brand???? He pushed it for years! Was it Cloverleaf? Sorry....wandered off topic. Good to see OKC bloggers *remembering* the city that was. Good place to call home!

Posted by: Mikesw. at 12:41 AM on 16 January 2005

Me again!! It was ***Kitty Clover*** Potato Chips!!!

Posted by: MikeSw. at 12:44 AM on 16 January 2005

I was up at a bank branch at 63rd and Northwest Expressway when I saw that the 'dozers were arriving, but I didn't hang around to watch the outcome. I knew that Channel 14 had moved out, and I assume they sold the old building; I have no idea what's planned for it.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:46 AM on 16 January 2005

.... It's a member of the pile-a-rubble club now .... when they decide to tear something down they TEAR IT DOWN ... I mean it was like blink and its done. I hope they don't put up some damned Walgreens or a drive thru mortuary or something. Of course the old Gateway building there in the "Triangle of Traffic Death" (that strip of no mans land in that cross traffic inferno known as NW 63rd and NW Expressway)is up for lease or sale ... good god it was a zoning sneak anyway and now who knows what is going in there (I have visions of an Abu style Quickie Mart...ah, the additional traffic ...but I digress) .... shudder.

Posted by: Ron at 6:28 PM on 16 January 2005

Fascinating stuff on the Capitol Hill area, from both sources. And for those of us born after the great migration of the 70's, it might be nice to mention that a lot of the business and churches that moved out of the Capitol Hill area, kept their name. So along SW 59th you could easily get the impression that it is known as "Capitol Hill" if you didn't know any better.

I too, am enjoying the local blogs immensely. You can live your whole life in a place and still not be aware of all of the history involved, even if it is only a hundred years or so old.

Posted by: Josephine at 2:22 PM on 17 January 2005

The old Capitol Hill Bank and Trust Company managed to get almost all the way to SW 74th, if I remember correctly.

What's odd is that I have lived in this area for thirty years and more, but I never really started digging into the history until I moved into the city towards the end of 2003. Maybe it's just that now I own a piece of it, or maybe it was just time for me to look in some direction other than navel-ward. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:36 PM on 17 January 2005

I've enjoyed reading the stories about Capitol Hill via The Downtown Guy. These OKC blogs are doing a service for a city that hasn't done enough to tell its story. Thanks!!

Posted by: Ernest at 7:30 PM on 17 January 2005