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16 January 2005

Unreal estate

Late last summer, I made the following observations about real-estate classifieds:

Traditionally, ads of this sort are believed to require multiple grains of salt to counteract the evasions, misdirections, and outright fibs that are supposed to be inherent in the selling process. I didn't find a lot of those, though I was amused by one little place pitching itself as being in the "Crown Heights area," which is true if your definition of "area" is sufficiently broad. (Douglas Place sits north of Crown Heights; this house is on the opposite side of the street from the northern boundary of Douglas Place.) It's probably just as "absolutely darling" as the ad claims — I think that's a reasonably spiffy neighborhood — but Crown Heights it ain't.

On the other hand, some ads score for Brutal Truth. On this presumed handyman's special on the southside: "Not scared of repairs?" And one rental ad, for a westside apartment, cuts to what's really important: "No One Upstairs."

These, while worthy of comment, were hardly weird. But Rita tops them all:

The notorious "fixer-upper" is being replaced with "needs a little TLC", which I translate as "needs wrecking ball & demolition crew". "Secluded" in this neck of the woods translates as "need 4-wheel drive & winch to get there". "Wet weather creek" equals "prone to flash flooding". One ad even proudly proclaimed that you could pee off your deck without the neighbors complaining.

I am so not kidding.

But my favorite find of the week was in an ad for some undeveloped acreage, which boasted the property had "one sided fencing". Must be some new-fangled Möbius strip fence. That's no good. It would confuse the hell out of the dogs....and how would you put a gate in it?

I'd love to put up one of those, just to see if it would persuade the milkman to deliver the ol' 2-percent in Klein bottles.

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I bet it would. LOL!

Thanks for the link...and the laugh.

Posted by: rita at 2:33 PM on 16 January 2005

One ad even proudly proclaimed that you could pee off your deck without the neighbors complaining.

Okay, I would still need more information about the neighborhood. 'Cause this could mean the property is very secluded, or it could mean that none of the houses have indoor plumbing.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:08 PM on 16 January 2005