The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 January 2005

Growing pains

Is Oklahoma City seeking to expand again? At the last meeting of the city's Planning Commission, one of the items on the agenda was an "Ordinance for Public Hearing annexing 160 acres at N.W. 206th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue."

Currently, the city's farthest northern reach is halfway between Danforth (192nd) and Covell (206th) between approximately the 500 and 3400 blocks; there is a housing development (Danforth Farms) that extends to the north side of NW 199th Street. Edmond has a one-mile segment along Pennsylvania from about 200th to 213th, the only part of Edmond that extends west of Western Avenue.

(Well, okay, on the city's far northeast side, there is a stretch that's just as far north — halfway between Danforth and Covell — from Choctaw Road to Peebly Road. This includes a bit over 3 miles of old 66 west of Luther.)

The 160-acre tract, presumably, is on the southwest corner of Penn and Covell. I have to assume this is simply a preemptive move, should Edmond decide to push farther west.

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