The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 January 2005

Tastes great, less signing

Your semi-humble scribe has been sniping about Oklahoma's ballot access laws for some time, so it's a pleasure to see the possibility of something being done about it.

Richard Winger's Ballot Access News reports that Rep. Marian Cooksey (R-Edmond) has introduced an access-reform bill. Under House Bill 1429, the number of signatures required to get a third-party candidate on the ballot would drop, from 5 percent of the vote in the previous general election (73,188 for 2006), to a flat 5,000. Third parties could retain official recognition with one percent (instead of five) of the vote for President or Governor, whichever is more recent.

Perhaps needless to say, I'm hoping this bill, or something very much like it, manages to pass.

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