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22 January 2005

Access to Zoom Zoom

Mazda North American Operations and software developer Nanonation have been rolling out something called the Retail Revolution Showroom, which adds a whole lot of computer stuff to a dealership. Most of it is the expected juggle-the-options screen, but there's an actual test-drive simulator that enables potential buyers to get the feel of Mazda vehicles, or so they say, without leaving the grounds.

I'm not so sure about that — you can't really learn a car's basic qualities (or quirks) in the couple of miles you get to drive it for real, let alone a few minutes working a simulator — but it is something different, and Mazda, which is on the comeback trail these days, needs to continue to present itself as a more interesting alternative to the usual brands.

Mazda sold 263,882 vehicles last year in the States, up slightly from the year before, which is a decent figure but a mere drop in the overall American automotive bucket; as a fan of the marque — my last two cars have been Mazdas — I'm keen to see them pick up some extra sales. And some of those sales might actually be in Oklahoma: at least, Nelson Mazda in Tulsa, which has the new showroom apparatus, certainly hopes so.

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