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22 January 2005

Take a look around

The Downtown Guy is setting up his excellent series on the history and future of the Capitol Hill section of the city on a separate blog.

The rise of "place blogging" in recent weeks is heartening, not just because there are people here who know more about the city's history than I do (and I'm no slouch at these things), but because it's a form of documentation that bypasses the Official Versions, that helps to complete the picture.

My friend Fred First lives, not in a city, but on an 80-acre spread in the Blue Ridge. (I've been there, briefly, and if heaven isn't like that, I've wasted my time being good.) "Sometimes the most difficult ground to see," he says, "is that which is under our own feet." The value of writing about "place," therefore, is obvious:

Lenses are real, and they are metaphors for anything that lets us or makes us see the world differently. Each of us has a 'philosophical lens' that molds our thinking and our writing. It clarifies, magnifies, distorts, and colors our perceptions and understanding of the reality around us. When I write about my particular place here on Goose Creek, I portray it through a refracting lens that bends and molds my view of life in a way that is unique, even from my neighbor's. Your lens, too, is as distinct as your thumbprint, and when focused on that ground under your feet, your words about what you see, and your pictures offer us worlds about you in your place we would never have known.

There are half a million stories in Oklahoma City. More of them will be told. I believe there's a place for all of them, if not in some building across town, then certainly in this virtual world of ours.

Posted at 9:13 AM to City Scene

Well said, Charles. I agree it's an exciting development here in OKC. By the way, I turned somebody on to Dustbury recently who loves the content but is more impressed with your writing. I agree as you never cease to amaze me. You have set the standard high, my friend. Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Mike Sw at 10:52 AM on 22 January 2005

Yep! Even if the grass is always greener somewhere else, that doesn't stop us from enjoying the shade of green we have. And adding a little fertilizer while we're at it.

Posted by: MikeH at 11:40 AM on 22 January 2005

Just stumbled upon your blog, and unlurked to tell you that I love your joke about Lot and his wife, and I will be sharing it my wife, the rabbi.

Posted by: Isaac B2 at 2:59 PM on 22 January 2005