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24 January 2005

Bumper sticklers

When you spend time with Dawn Eden, you learn to be prepared for almost any possible question. One thing she mentioned during her whirlwind trip through Oklahoma was the wide variety of auto license plates she saw; I pointed out that there were about a hundred specialty plates available for an additional fee. (Inexplicably, I forgot to mention that the major tribes in this state issue plates to their members.)

And then she asked: "Is there a pro-life plate?"

I told her that there was, and she was quite pleased to hear that.

She will not be quite so pleased to hear that the Supreme Court will not hear the appeal of a decision that overturned the law authorizing similar plates in South Carolina. A lawsuit similar to the one filed in South Carolina is pending in Oklahoma.

So far as I can tell, there has been no complaint from Camaro owners regarding the state's Oklahoma Mustang Club plate.

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This document has a lot of interesting statistics on the type and number of Oklahoma personalized license plate holders:

I note with sadness that the Pearl Harbor survivors are dropping fast.

Posted by: Don at 4:37 PM on 24 January 2005