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25 January 2005

Out of the blue

The operator of a Deborah Gibson fan page is heartbroken at the news that the Debster will be appearing in a Playboy pictorial.

Says the fan, the news is "still not being officially released (except to paying fanclub members of the official Deborah website)."

Liz Smith has the story now, and her reaction is pretty much the same as mine:

I never know what to think of the taking-it-off-for-Playboy route. Sometimes it works, but just as often it doesn't. (Yes, everyone oohs and aahs and speculates if Playboy has furnished said naked lady with new breasts, a trimmer bottom, a perkier nose, whatever. But careers are not always enhanced.)

Personally, I can't think of anything of Deb's that needed improvement, but then I'm not the guy paying $5 for the issue. (The price by subscription is more like $2.91.)

And how surprised should I be, anyway? She did Broadway Bares way back in '98. Besides, she's in her middle thirties by now, and frankly, I grow weary of the endless procession of 19-year-olds chez Hef.

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Yes, bring on women of age! I would like to see more men and women of age in all media respects. When we become more "mature" 19 year olds begin to look more like children.

Posted by: Babs at 3:31 PM on 25 January 2005

During the whole Teri Polo thing, I ended up checking out the article/photos in question. In a weird way, the photos didn't bother me as much as the interview. I lost respect for her not because she posed nude, but because in the interview she revealed herself to be something of a superficial ditz. Here's hoping that Deb's interview is better (though unless there is blog controversy over it, I probably won't read it to find out.

Posted by: R. Alex at 4:27 PM on 25 January 2005

Very seldom has Deb come off as a ditz; I caught her once on Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect and she seemed to be up on things.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:37 PM on 25 January 2005

I got to chat with her once online back when she was doing "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway, and she is far from a ditz. I'm looking forward to the interview, and yes, the pictorial. My wife does indulge my occasional voyeurism in regards to that particular publication, which she regards as tasteful.

Posted by: Nixon1971 at 8:42 PM on 25 January 2005