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26 January 2005

This is a test

The new Movable Type "nofollow" plug-in is designed to undercut the value of comment spamming by instructing Google to ignore the links contained in comment spam when indexing a post, thereby depriving the spammer of the PageRank benefits he thought he deserved.

With both Yahoo! and MSN on board supporting "nofollow," I figured I'd install this thing, even though I am having relatively little trouble with comment spam. The README supplied with the plug-in, though, threw me a curve:

This plugin is supported on Movable Type 3.x and 2.661. If you are using an older version of Movable Type, we strongly suggest upgrading to the latest release.

I'm running 2.64 here, but I decided to go ahead with the install. So far, it's working correctly; the last comments posted do contain the "nofollow" tag. I don't know what conditions might exist in 2.64 (but not in 2.661 or 3.x) that could cause this code to act up, but I'll be on the lookout for them; please report any behavior you observe that is even weirder than usual.

(Update, 27 January, 10:45 am: Anomaly noted.)

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