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27 January 2005

Insert Tyson joke here

Senator Frank Shurden (D-Doublewide) has never quite given up his quest to get the Oklahoma cockfighting ban reversed or modified; his latest tactic is to take the blood out of the blood sport by requiring the equivalent of tiny boxing gloves on the birds.

(Via Rodney Dill by way of Kevin McGehee, who is puzzled that this would show up at Outside the Beltway before it did here. Truth be told, I'm fairly sick of Shurden's endless posturing on this topic and would just as soon not give him any more publicity, but when the readers speak, I respond, or at least riposte.'s Sally Allen has a far better take on this cringeworthy topic.)

(Is this the first time I've had an article with more parenthetical asides than actual material?)

(Update, 11:10 am: Matt Deatherage says term limits can't come too soon for Shurden.)

Posted at 9:43 AM to Soonerland

I get up early and look for wierd crap.

Posted by: Rodney Dill at 9:59 AM on 27 January 2005

Sorry, Charles -- but that bit about boxing gloves on chickens was just so giggle-inducing I just had to know what you thought of it.

Has anyone surveyed the boundaries of Shurden's district to make absolutely certain his doublewide isn't really in Arkansas?

Posted by: McGehee at 2:00 PM on 27 January 2005

District 8 [link requires Adobe Reader] is just south of the Tulsa metro and doesn't come within half an hour's drive of the Arkansas state line.

Then again, you might drive faster than I do.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:05 PM on 27 January 2005

Posted by: unimpressed at 2:41 PM on 27 January 2005

Ahhhhhh Yes ... dear old Frankie ... He just couldnt get his annual castration bill passed (those of you who know of him know I'm NOT kidding)so he is now pushing chicken BOXING? ... what's next ... oh I know ... the Oklahoma Fighting Chicken Castration Bill ... they won't do THAT again, eh? :)

Posted by: Ron at 9:32 AM on 28 January 2005

Kevin, I've had the . . . privilege? misfortune? . . . of actually seeing roosters spar with little boxing gloves. My grandfather raised chickens and roosters, the latter specifically for fighting (which was patently illegal in both West Virginia and Ohio, where he fought them). Anyway, when one wants to spar a pair of roosters either for the practice or to select the best ones, one puts sparring muffs on them. They are, in fact, little tiny boxing gloves, and look as ridiculous as they sound. I never had to witness an actual fight -- it was verboten by my mother -- but I did see several sparring matches, and they were plenty brutal.

I can't believe that, of all the things in the world I might be able to talk about with any degree of knowledge, cockfighting is one of them.

Posted by: Phil at 6:06 PM on 28 January 2005