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28 January 2005

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If the bane of your existence is a Starbucks on every farging corner, you should probably come live near me: there are only three of them within five miles, which equals a Starbucks density of 3.

(Via life in the ether, where Christine lives with an SBD [!] of 68.)

Posted at 3:30 PM to Dyssynergy

No, no, no. If someone hates Starbucks, they should live near me. There's only 1 within a fifty mile radius.

Posted by: sya at 5:05 PM on 28 January 2005

Only three in Little Rock proper that I know of, and one is inside a Barnes and Noble.

Posted by: Nixon1971 at 11:21 PM on 28 January 2005

Last time I was in the States, I made it a point to go through a Starbucks drive-thru orday a Frappacino and be "normal" like my soccer-mom-friends in the States.

It was fun and yummy.

But, I think I'm going to miss the strong and cheap European coffee when we're back in the US.

(Btw, I found your site via Batesline.)

Posted by: TulipGirl at 8:23 AM on 29 January 2005

There ain't a Starbucks here, or in three of the four surrounding county seats. Granbury has one, but they are attempting to from country town to cosmopolitan city, the snobs. Of course, we ain't even got a 7/11 or a Walmart here. ;)

Posted by: Tig at 9:50 AM on 29 January 2005

Since I'm uber-cool, I feel I should disdain Starbucks, but I really enjoy it. Panera is great for work, and Will's is the best. But it's far away.

Posted by: Dan at 5:38 PM on 29 January 2005

I don't know why people make this big deal about hating Starbucks. If they don't want to drink overpriced, gut-burning coffee they can go elsewhere, or make coffee at home. You can even buy foam cups with lids at the grocery store so you can pretend you are at a high-priced coffee shop.

I know some people make that noise about "ruthless chain drives away neighborhood mom 'n' pop coffee shop" but here in the Land of the Great Mouse all we have by way of competition were other big chains like Denny's and IHOP. At least the Starbucks places don't smell like rancid fat and old mop water.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:23 PM on 29 January 2005

Actually, I've never set foot in a Starbucks at all, and seldom visit any coffee shops of any description (though last weekend's visit to Will's proved, um, interesting). However, I do try to encourage discussion, particuarly when it involves old mop water and rancid fat. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:33 PM on 29 January 2005

Well, I'm a coffee hound that needs the caffeine pump to be regularly primed, so I've been in more than a few Starbuckses. I'm avoiding them now (easy as none of them are within walking distance and I have a coffeemaker) due to the attraction I have for their fattening specialty drinks and the snacks that go with them. I usually don't order regular coffee there -- I prefer that battery acid go into batteries, not my digestive system. But Barnie's is worse; I drank three sips of a cup of Barnie's coffee today and threw the rest out. What makes it worse is we have some sort of deal with Barnie's at my job so that is the coffee we get.

Speaking of strong, cheap European coffee -- one thing I miss living in Orlando is that in Miami we had lots of Cuban coffee shops. They customarily have a window to the sidewalk with a counter that has a big water cooler (the kind with a tap) and a tower of cone-shaped paper cups next to it. You order Cuban coffee there. This is twice as strong as Italian espresso and it's mixed with a huge amount of sugar. You get a "collada" (a standard 8 ounce styrofoam cup) and a bunch of those little plastic cups they give you at the hospital to take pills with. You and your friends are supposed to share the collada, tossing down tiny cups of the coffee. Robin Williams tried it, and said it was stronger than coke, and he should know.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:49 PM on 29 January 2005

i have just 2, yet live in a fairly populated area, hmm, wonder what it costs to open one myself?

Posted by: rammer at 12:35 AM on 30 January 2005

We only have 2 within ten miles, one of which is an Albertson's with a little Starbuck's corner.

However, what is astonishing about that statistic is that we are part of the Seattle Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PSMA). Starbuck's had *no* outlets on Whidbey Island until last year.

Posted by: timekeeper at 12:36 PM on 2 February 2005