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29 January 2005

Neither blog nor snob

It was about four months ago that Blogsnob announced that they would be integrating actual paid ads into their text-ad system, which up to then had been used strictly as a blog-promotion device. At the time, I wondered how long it would take for one to show up.

I need wonder no longer. The vast majority of Blogsnob placements I see are still actual ads for blogs, including occasional spots for this one, but today I managed to hit an actual store site through a Blogsnob link.

What's interesting to me is that shortly after the announcement was made, subscribers (and former subscribers) were complaining that paid ads were making up the bulk of the two-place ad block. Maybe my traffic is just so meager that it took this long for me to see a paid ad, though this seems unlikely.

And unlike those former subscribers, I'm not complaining. I've gotten a fair number of referrals from Blogsnob, and I've discovered a few sites worth adding to my read schedule. Besides, the first thing I learned about free lunches is that there ain't no such thing.

Posted at 8:44 AM to Blogorrhea

You only just now came upon an ad on BlogSnob? Sheesh, I started seeing them as soon as they entered the rotation (not that they bothered me, certainly not as much as they did others).

I've long since dropped it (details here). Can't say I've missed it, and judging from the "latest news" -- which is from October '04 -- I don't think I'm missing much.

Not to be too much of a pimp, but I'd recommend trying BlogExplosion (following my referral link, natch). It's bringing beaucoup traffic to my site, with minimal effort on my part. There are other referral/ring services to try, too:,, etc.

Posted by: CT at 2:18 PM on 29 January 2005

I might at that, next time I start whining about how nobody comes to see me anymore. ;)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:04 PM on 29 January 2005

Ya know, I don't know why I even keep the Blogsnob ads on my site. I'm pretty sure I don't get that much traffic from it. I don't really care that I don't. I guess I feel like I'm being a responsible blogger by giving back linkage.

Posted by: Erica at 3:35 PM on 30 January 2005

I find some interesting stuff through there on occasion, which is enough reason for me to keep it around, at least for now.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:18 PM on 31 January 2005