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29 January 2005

Quote of the week

Andrea Harris, Victory Soap:

I must admit one reason I ceased to want to have anything to do with the Democratic Party was so I wouldn't have to hear the latest sob story about unaffordable medicine from people with $100-a-month cable bills.

By coincidence, $100 will buy one month of my blood-pressure meds.

Posted at 3:38 PM to QOTW

hehehehehe ... It's refreshing to see that old "welfare queens are wrecking the world" bit is still playing somewhere in the world ... it's kindred spirit theme can be found in the "all fat people are fat because they overeat" and "I can't define pornography but I'll know it when I see it" genre of moronic statements. That poor bashing was chic in the 80's and into the 90's but the writer should really catch the latest neocon train to the Armegeddon / "End Times" fandango ... I hear its apocolyptic

Posted by: Ron at 5:47 PM on 29 January 2005

I didn't say "welfare queens are wrecking the world," Ron dear. But hey, cute straw man. Straw doll, actually.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:16 PM on 29 January 2005

I'm lucky. My blood pressure pills are less than $100 for a 3 month supply of 4 different prescriptions. One of which I have not been taking for the past month because I keep not having the money to pay for it. Seems strange that potassium could be more expensive than fancy concoctions the pharmaeutical companies have to go to an effort to develop.

Posted by: Jay at 12:23 AM on 30 January 2005

I do try so hard Andrea ... hehehe ... straw doll ... I LIKE that ... watch for my upcoming blog "Eat the Rich" ... but hey, it's just "filler" :)

Posted by: Ron at 10:57 AM on 30 January 2005

I used to work for the state(really) collecting on defaulted student loans, until I got to where I just couldn't stand to be part of the higher education racket any longer. People would often claim hardship and ask for reduced payment. Many people were indeed in a tight spot, and other people had $100 cable bills. While it's certainly true that healthcare in general and prescription medicines in particular are priced higher than necessary(bear in mind that there is a quite high degree of government involvment in this area), it is also true that a great many Americans, Democrat and Republican, have an absurd sense of entitlement to things they can't pay for.

Posted by: Chris at 1:33 PM on 30 January 2005