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29 January 2005

Beyond bingo for Buckeyes

The modern-day Eastern Shawnee tribe is descended from the mixed Seneca-Shawnee group which left Ohio in the 1830s and settled in Indian Territory; tribal headquarters to this day is in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. The tribe has some modest business interests near its present-day home, but there's always been the urge to return to Ohio, and while the tribe has put its land claim on the back burner, gaming is in the offing.

Or maybe it isn't. Residents of Monroe, Ohio turned out in droves to oppose the Eastern Shawnee's plans for a casino complex near Interstate 75. Monroe officials favor the casino, but Governor Bob Taft generally opposes gambling in Ohio (with one exception), and the Monroe project is temporarily on hold while the tribe prepares a presentation for a proposed compact with Ohio that would give the state a piece of the action.

(Update, 31 January, 9:25 pm: Michael Meckler weighs in: he says that the gambling issue shows where the real divide is in American politics, and it's not along liberal/conservative lines.)

Posted at 9:04 PM to Dyssynergy

right now Ohioans from my neck of the woods can go to Detroit or Windsor, the Tijuana of the North (lol), to gamble all they like. having driven the north south road for many years, i can attest to the number of busses filled with gamers and prescription seekers. a local venue would save all that travel, and perhaps provide cheap smokes for the long suffering people of Ohio.

Posted by: rammer at 12:27 AM on 30 January 2005