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31 January 2005

Child consumes parent; film at 11

SBC, you'll remember, started out as Southwestern Bell, one of the Baby Bells set free when AT&T was more or less forcibly broken up in the 1980s; since then, they've absorbed three of their sisters and become something which in some ways resembles a communications powerhouse. What they want with AT&T is beyond me, though the most likely explanation seems to be a desire to bulk up and go head to head with Verizon, itself an unholy fusion of a Baby Bell with a non-Bell telco.

Of course, AT&T isn't what it used to be either. Still, putting the Death Star in its galaxy will put SBC in almost every American location where it isn't yet, an exceedingly comfortable position to be in while the communications industry as a whole flails about seemingly at random.

(Disclosure: If I don't drop dead in the next 15 years, and if a number of other things don't happen, I will presumably draw an SBC pension.)

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I live near the former AT&T World HQ. A $200 million white elephant on 300 acres, complete with all-underground parking, working fireplaces in the cafeteria, its own exit off the interstate and a waterfall in the main lobby; it has been empty for 4 years. It was designed by I.M. Pei and constructed in the mid-1970s.

No longer able to support it, Ma Bell sold it to Pharmacia who was in turn gobbled up by Pfizer. Pfizer already has a spiffy HQ 10 miles up the road so it has no need for the place. It's been on the market for a while now: all 1.3 million square feet worth. It's like a Bigelow-carpeted City of the Dead.

Rumor has it Verizon will take it over. I hope they plan to hire an exorcist as the place is full of the Ghosts of Cororate Decisions Gone Bad.

Posted by: The Proprietor at 12:46 PM on 1 February 2005