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1 February 2005

Line 36, Schedule DD

The Libertarian Girl calls for a tax on breast implants:

Breast augmentation surgery is a negative sum game. The surgery increases the recipient's attractiveness (because men are so stupid), but only at the expense of other women whose natural breasts become less attractive in comparison to the increasing population of surgically augmented women.

If every woman got breast augmentation surgery, it would not change the overall female attractiveness of society (because men would quickly become desensitized to seeing bigger breasts), but would have negative health effects because large numbers of women would suffer from post-surgery complications.

How much of a tax are we talking here?

Four thousand dollars for a pair of implants seems like an arbitrarily acceptable amount. With about a quarter of a million surgeries performed every year, the breast implant tax would raise a billion dollars of revenue annually. (Of course, demand for the procedure would decline after the tax was implemented, so we would raise somewhat less than a billion — but the whole purpose of the tax is to discourage the procedure, so this would be the desired effect.)

Well, as the phrase goes, "If you want less of something, tax it; if you want more of something, subsidize it." I guess the boob-happy boyfriends can pick up the tab.

(Yeah, this is almost a month old, but then I'm really more of a leg man anyway, and besides she's continuing to write on the subject.)

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If I'm privileged enough to touch them, I much prefer the unaltered feel of OEM.

The enhanced visual will never compensate well enough for the decrease in tactile, IMO; therefore, there is no overall improvement.

Posted by: unimpressed at 11:27 AM on 1 February 2005