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3 February 2005

How now, Dow Jones?

Oklahomans have something of a reputation for fatalism, perhaps even pessimism. (The Dust Bowl will do that to you.) Still, it's 2005 already, the Dow is over 10,000, but's market graphic hasn't caught up with the times:

Market averages

I'm sure there's an explanation for this somewhere.

Posted at 7:15 AM to Soonerland

Sure, it's accurate. It doesn't list the Dow, is all, just the NYSE composite and NASDAQ. The ticker on shows the Dow as well.

By the way, on a TOTALLY unrelated topic, have you seen

Posted by: Jennifer at 8:52 AM on 3 February 2005

Point taken, though is there anywhere as much interest in the Exchange index as there is in the Dow Jones industrials?

(I'm in the process of looking at Coverville; it merits a piece of its own, which I will do later.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:56 AM on 3 February 2005