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3 February 2005

The Big Boom

This morning, I made the bald assertion that the single most important day in blogdom was 12 September 2001, that people were so moved by what they saw in the media that they simply had to say something of their own.

I think there might be some support for this premise, but I doubt anyone has any real numbers to produce. What do you think?

Posted at 8:50 AM to Blogorrhea

No numbers, but I'm sure that you're right. It was the "tipping point" that turned non-geeks into bloggers.

Posted by: David at 9:29 AM on 3 February 2005

I know my eyes were opened more after that day to the wider international picture. I soon started my website, later adding a blog in 2003. So I'd have to say 9/11 was a turning point for me in terms of looking for outlets to both vent, educate, and entertain.

Posted by: Jeff at 2:49 PM on 3 February 2005

The second most important day in blogdom was December 14, 2001 when I started my blog. People saw it and realized, "Hey, if this idiot can do it so can I, and better," which has been more than amply proven.

Posted by: Greg Hlatky at 10:06 PM on 3 February 2005