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3 February 2005

Overlooked again presents:

The Absolute Bottom 50 Blogs.

Geez, you'd think I wasn't trying or something.

(Poached from Defamer.)

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Or, just the only one to admit that I didn't fully "get it" until I saw the resulting error page?

Posted by: Don at 10:58 AM on 3 February 2005

hehehe ... ok, yeah I googled "" ... but further googling DID yield me :

I love the internet and every freak that inhabits it ... well, almost all of them :)


Posted by: Ron at 4:06 PM on 3 February 2005

Just so others can avoid the horror - results in the following:

"NOLOSE, The National Organization for Lesbians of SizE, ending the oppression of fat people and creating a vibrant fat queer community and culture"

Posted by: Don at 12:28 AM on 4 February 2005

... sorry 'bout that Don ... that was one of those "once you see it , it's hard to "unsee" it" kinda things ...

I do have to admire their spunk though ... no pun intended ... snark snark


Posted by: Ron at 8:53 AM on 4 February 2005

...a vibrant fat queer community...

I didn't even click and I've got an image seared -- seared! -- into my mind that I wish I hadn't.

Og course, if they weren't lesbians I probably wouldn't have even tried to picture it in the first place...

Posted by: McGehee at 11:14 AM on 4 February 2005

My favorite, based solely on title:

And now I'm about to paste it into my address bar to see what kind of -- if any -- hilarity ensues.

Posted by: David at 11:43 AM on 4 February 2005

Nope...nothing. Ah well. Probably better that way.

Posted by: David at 11:47 AM on 4 February 2005