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4 February 2005

Persistence is futile

Good riddance to Enterprise, says TeeVee's Nathan Alderman:

Here's hoping that idea-bankrupt executive producer Rick Berman gets the hint and goes down with the ship. And that when the series re-emerges in a few years' time (and don't kid yourself that it won't), it's as something new, exciting and unpredictable. There are still plenty of brave new worlds to explore. But for now, it's probably for the best that Enterprise is boldly going away.

Especially if what's on the drawing-board is something along these lines.

Posted at 10:50 AM to Almost Yogurt

This is the first series in the franchise since the original to be cancelled rather than ending on its own terms. I think Star Trek's television days are over for the foreseeable future. They should concentrate on the books and on DVD packaging. Maybe do some direct-to-video movies since I somehow doubt the feature-film franchise has any more steam left in it either.

As for TV, maybe the upcoming Firefly movie will get that one cranking again.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:25 AM on 4 February 2005

I agree it will be back. I had no idea just how entrenched and bad Berman was until after the word of cancellation, when I read some stuff about his iron contract that requires they put Trek into remission completely for a while to break.

Posted by: Jay at 1:15 PM on 4 February 2005

Klingon Bastards.

Posted by: Mel at 1:33 PM on 4 February 2005

I really liked the story arc for last season. They moved it to another day this season, and I didn't pick it back up.

Enterprise was certainly better than the first two seasons of TNG and the last two of Voyager. Woof!

Posted by: Dan at 12:44 PM on 7 February 2005