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4 February 2005

The bottomless tip jar

The last, I promise, comment on Andrew Sullivan for at least a month.

This is from ninme:

Andrew Sullivan has made $200,000 in one year from his readers. I never read him, and it's too late now because apparently he's taken his cash and gone to Europe (Switzerland on this tour, I wonder?), but every time I heard about these pledge drives, through other blogs, I assumed they were for charity.

I have credit card debts. I figure if he's getting 54087 visits a day and Iím getting around 215, and he's getting $200,000, that means my slice of the pie should be $795.02.

I take checks and money orders.

Come to think of it, $2843.74 would just about pay off my car.

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Hmmm. I have a mortgage...

Posted by: McGehee at 8:57 AM on 5 February 2005

And I have an insurance lien and student loans... well, what are we waiting for!

Well, I'm waiting for the gall. Can I mail-order that stuff, or do you have to grow it or something?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 4:36 PM on 5 February 2005