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6 February 2005

But ours is bigger!

Is it too difficult to come up with a standard 80 x 15 button? For some organizations, yes, says Don Danz, it is too difficult.

What's more, says Don, "I just couldn't sleep at night knowing I had non-standard buttons on my site." I don't sleep especially well myself, but a perfunctory glance at my front page will reveal that non-standard buttons aren't high on my list of insomnia producers. (The only one I made myself, the WordPad logo, is a fright-inducing 130 x 40.) Still, he's in good company; Dave spent a good part of this winter making buttons, or so it seems.

And really, if I ever get around to redoing this front page again — well, there will be some surprises, I'm sure.

Posted at 6:39 PM to Blogorrhea

Surprises? Is that good or bad? ;)

Posted by: Erica at 12:00 AM on 7 February 2005

I guess I'll know when I see them. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:54 AM on 7 February 2005

I don't know that it's anything to lose sleep over. But here's a utility to help you make "proper" buttons:

Posted by: CT at 3:35 PM on 7 February 2005