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8 February 2005

Know thine enemy

You know, I thought I was pretty scornful in my own way:

That business with the "action figures" demonstrated for all time just how pathetic your average Islamowhack terrorist truly is: split them down the middle, and half of them are Beavis, the other half are Butt-head. Mocking people like that is the second-most-fun thing you can do with them.

But my lame snark can't hold a three-for-a-dollar votive to the wrath of Andrea Harris:

These are the sort of "men" who are down with the idea of stoning a woman to death in a soccer stadium for showing some ankle. These are the kind of men who want women penned up with less freedom than veal cows. These are the kind of men who would throw a woman off a cliff for being raped. These are the kind of men who use retarded kids as suicide bombers. And you want our soldiers to go after them wearing a hairshirt.

We should have fun killing this kind of "man." I can only imagine the look on the face of a terrorist womanraping babykilling voterattacking strutting rooster whose last sight is the barrel of a gun held by one of our soldiers, and I hope whatever expression it was made the soldier giggle with glee. If only it were possible to do I'd be mowing them down myself with brass band accompaniment. I'd do it in high heels and a designer dress. I'd film it and put it on the internet with sarcastic balloon comments added. I'd throw a party after every kill. I'd pass out cigars. Those corpses I left intact I'd have stuffed, dressed in clown suits complete with nose and big shoes, and displayed in a shop window on Rodeo Drive. I'd sell their teeth on eBay and their ears at a garage sale.

So there.

Posted at 8:39 AM to Dyssynergy

Don't forget to add a laugh track.

Bush knows what this country needs -- more people who think it's fun to kill. That makes us slightly better than the people who danced on 9/11.

Posted by: gun-toting liberal at 8:53 AM on 8 February 2005

I'll take that "slightly." :)

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. Still, if by that death, the chances that I will be killed by his friends are also diminished, I'll adjust. (A variation on the theme of "Send not to know for whom the bell tolls: let the machine get it.")

Posted by: CGHill at 9:16 AM on 8 February 2005

A cultural anthropologist would have a field day with this ... probably put forth some really great concepts and even write a book about the juxtapositioning of our own religious fanatacism vs Islamofacists religious fanaticism and the people caught in the middle (the general citizenry on both sides) and the reawakening of the "Roman" model of cyclical/retributive conquest/liberation using the tools of co-option, rule of law, and cultural imperative .. yada yada yada but hey, that's their ballywick.

In the real world you've got some guys who want to kill us for who we are so they gotta figure some of us want to kill them for who they are. I figure when they're trying to kill me all bets are off ... callous, yes ... politically incorrect, sure thing ... but if at the end of the day I'm alive and they are dead ... so be it. Of course, this is why wars should never be entered into lightly or under pretense ("Remember The Maine", "Domino Theory", "The Gulf of Tonkin Incident")but so many are. Even when we have righteous reasons (the Al-Queda and their puppets The Taliban in Afghanistan)there is always the temptation by the powers that be to wrap it up with other intentions under the guise of the same thing (the elusive WMD's. All wars suck but since it's rarely the folks who think we ought to go "over there" who actually go over there we will probably continue to do it until the end of time. If you live long enough you can read the REAL story after its all declassified or no one cares and the chickenhawks are all dead, retired, or apologizing/rationalizing in their 6 and 7 figure memoirs.

In the mean time its up to the little guy, as usual, to stay alive ... after all, living is the best revenge ... IslamoWhack ... I like that :)

Posted by: Ron at 10:55 AM on 8 February 2005

Hey, gun-toting liberal, how do you hit the target with your eyes all filled with tears like that? And Ron, I have no effing idea what you just wrote. I read through it twice, too.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:14 AM on 8 February 2005

Well Andrea you've hit on my weakness ... I tend to aim high , be it on the shooting range or intellectually.

I'll shoot lower next time ....

Posted by: Ron at 1:45 PM on 8 February 2005

Oh, it's such fun to be patronized. Listen, Intellect Boy, verbal obfuscation isn't "shooting high intellectually," it's just bullshitting.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 2:09 PM on 8 February 2005

I'll take the title Intellect Boy and run with it.

... of course for folks who can't remember that I'll just use use the moniker ... "The Obfuscator" ... kinda has a Stan Lee feel to it, eh?

Posted by: Ron at 5:23 PM on 8 February 2005

The Obfuscator...

Yeah, you'd make a great second-string nobody villain for Spidey to slap around in two frames before you collapse in impotent angst. Excelsior!

Posted by: Sortelli at 12:27 AM on 9 February 2005

Sortelli's right. Even "The Gibbon" disses "The Obfuscator."

Posted by: McGehee at 8:50 AM on 9 February 2005

ahhh ... yes ... the sound of wings above me ... waiting for death to take me ... even vultures must have their day ...

Posted by: Ron at 11:08 AM on 9 February 2005

You forgot the part where she said: "Fuck you, Patticakes" (later changed to "Fuck you, Patterico" -- just to keep the level of discourse on a high plane).

Posted by: Patterico at 8:39 PM on 15 February 2005

Well, you know, some paragraphs deserve more attention than others, and I thought that one could be safely ignored.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:23 PM on 15 February 2005

Hard for me to ignore . . .

Posted by: Patterico at 10:26 PM on 15 February 2005

Well, yeah, it's hard to ignore something that actually mentions your name. At the time, I didn't see any value in mentioning it over here: why increase the level of invective beyond what's useful?

Still, that's just me. I am perhaps a little more circumspect (or maybe just wussy) than some others.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:35 PM on 15 February 2005