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8 February 2005

Oh, shut up, Tom

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) comes up with another zinger:

I thought I would just share with you what science says today about silicone breast implants. If you have them, you're healthier than if you don't. That is what the ultimate science shows.... In fact, there's no science that shows that silicone breast implants are detrimental and, in fact, they make you healthier.

Geez, you think he's looking for a new revenue source or something?

Tell you what, Tommy boy: you get the implants, and we'll watch. At a safe distance.

(Via Choire Sicha, filling in for Wonkette.)

Posted at 3:14 PM to Soonerland

Thank God I didn't vote for this dillhole.

Posted by: LilRed at 3:45 PM on 8 February 2005

Geez. What is it about being a politician that makes people think they're experts at everything?

Posted by: sya at 5:11 PM on 8 February 2005

... OR public speakers :)

Posted by: Ron at 5:27 PM on 8 February 2005

Cole is an honest to God OB/GYN so this actually falls square within his expertise.

I don't know about "healthier" but implants do make cancer easier to detect. The whole silicone breast implant scandal was cut out of whole cloth by trial attorneys. Some small links to fibromyalgia have been uncovered ex post facto, but nothing like the lawyers claim.

If you don't believe me, ask another doctor, Dean Edell, who is the diametric political opposite of Cole.

Posted by: Dan at 8:19 PM on 8 February 2005

Actually, I could argue that medical doctors don't know a whit. I know medical students. All they care about is memorizing the textbook to prepare for the next test. Unless a medical doctor is actually participating in clinical trials, most of them don't know what's the latest thing in research. They're good at diagnosing what's wrong and figuring out what to treat it with but most of them don't have the training to critically judge what science says about anything. They don't have time to look up the papers and the references and to cross-check all the controls.

Posted by: sya at 9:18 PM on 8 February 2005

Tom Coburn, Arlen Specter and Dolly Parton were walking down the street.

"Look, Myrtle," said an old man to his equally aged wife, whose eyesight wasn't very good.

"Look at what?" she asked as she squinted through her twenty-year-old prescription glasses at the trio.

"Two big boobs," replied her husband. "And Dolly Parton!"

Posted by: McGehee at 1:38 PM on 9 February 2005

I need prescription glasses to squint at 20-year-olds.


Posted by: CGHill at 3:51 PM on 9 February 2005

Since I can't open up the WP without registering (#5 on my list of Ten Things I Refuse To Do), I don't understand why people are referring to a Tom COLE and you speak of Tom COBURN.

Can you clariry?

Posted by: Vickie at 6:36 AM on 12 February 2005

And if you can't clariry, could you at least clarify.

Posted by: Vickie at 6:37 AM on 12 February 2005

Coburn is the honest-to-Pete OB/GYN who is the junior senator from this state.

Cole is the former political consultant who represents House District 4.

In this week's farrago, Coburn is the guy who had high praise for implants, and Cole is the guy the Democrats want off the House Ethics Committee for having donated to Tom DeLay's legal-defense fund.

Remind me not to vote for any candidates named "Tom" in 2006. Or, for that matter, Pete.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:17 AM on 12 February 2005