The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

10 February 2005

Bling it on

Hip-hop is a business, in case you hadn't noticed. In the Oklahoma Gazette this week, Preston Jones talks to Terry Monday, program director and host of Friday's "Unsigned Hype" on KVSP-FM, and, says Monday, a lot of the wannabes haven't noticed either:

[They] see the glamorous side on television and the platinum chains, big cars and women and all that stuff and they want it now.

Not so easy as that, though:

I would say that the key ingredient to be a successful hip-hop artist is to understand that this is a business, to do your research... You live and die by marketing.

This is no doubt true of other musical genres as well, but rappers, at least in stereotype, have the most, um, conspicuous consumption.

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