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12 February 2005

Thou shalt not talk back

Greg Hlatky gets an actual piece of hate mail, and it's about, of all things, his lack of comments:

Why is it that almost every rt. wing blog I visit has no comments areas? Is it because none of you can stand anyone questioning your statements or is it because all of you are self-centered ego trippers that don't give a flying fuck about anyone else's opinions? Or maybe it's because all of you are modeling yourselves like your tin GOD GW Bu$h who also doesn't seem to like anyone questioning his statements or judgment? Or maybe it's because your all so fucking smart you think there's no way you could have it wrong? In any case I find it marginally interesting that you all live in your own little intellectual ghettos. Do the rest of us a favor stay in them.

Signed by one "U. R. Pathetic," who presumably comes from a long Pathetic line himself.

Though this is not technically a "rt. wing" blog, I tend to lean toward the "self-centered ego-tripper" archetype myself. I figure anyone who hasn't figured this out by now is too dumb to read this site, and has gone on to pastures more regularly fertilized.

God help this little troll should he run into someone with less patience than I.

Posted at 10:19 PM to Blogorrhea

Mr. Pathetic appears to have a case of frustrated solipsism [Chronic, Severe]. That is, he demands that he be the one and only figure of importance in the Universe, but the Universe stubbornly refuses to listen to him.

As my old G.P. liked to say, "There's a lot of it going around."

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:56 AM on 13 February 2005

Commentors like Anonymous who despise, abhor, and otherwise wish conservatives would simply implode into a pile of ashes, and who presumably are sympathizers of the liberal side of the fence, are also always the ones I read who are foul-mouthed, ignorant, unintelligible, and just plain WRONG (MOST conservative blogs DO allow comments; how many does this guy read, ONE?).

Party of Tolerance my ass.

Posted by: Vickie at 7:42 AM on 13 February 2005

I'm sure he's a Kos-hole, and thinks that since there's One Blog to Rule Them All on his side of the aisle, therefore there must be a counterpart over here on our side.

Posted by: McGehee at 2:41 PM on 13 February 2005