The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

13 February 2005

The return of Aldahlia

See? Sometimes they do come back from "hiatus."

I did like these paragraphs in her opening statement:

I believe in truth and fairness. I believe that if a corporation is going to be considered a "person" under the law, then it should damn well show some "personal responsibility."

I belive in virtue. Not values. Value indicate numeric worth — it's quantitative language — it's perfect for the kind of person that praises Jesus and votes Caesar. We are not numbers. Despite all efforts by the government, the corporate world, and the television to turn us into just that. And, despite the efforts of those Americans among us that seek to hand over all power to those entities.

Historically, she's always had something interesting to say, and I'm happy to see her back at her soapbox.

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