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17 February 2005

Spring entrollment

Geez, now even Donna is getting hate mail:

Although you think you are providing people with something to seriously read daily, you are just typing nonsense that you think is "hip and fresh for the modern woman". I think it is hysterical, and something to laugh at you about, so please, type on... "enlighten" us all.

Look, lady, if you want "hip and fresh," you can go download all the Tampax commercials you can stand, and then congratulate yourself on your good taste. I'm aware that you may not have time, what with the pressures and time constraints that come from being the center of the known universe, but hey, it's just a suggestion.

And a kinder one than most people are likely to offer, at that.

Posted at 7:44 AM to Blogorrhea

My favorite part was the "I'm a blonde ... blah blah blah ... with a modeling contract ... blah, blah, blah" ...

You were too kind to her Charles but of course you are a civilized man ...

Posted by: Ron at 9:10 AM on 17 February 2005

If the responder is "all that", maybe "she" should post pictures.....

Posted by: unimpressed at 10:31 AM on 17 February 2005

Thanks for sticking up for me! :-)

Posted by: Donna at 5:19 PM on 17 February 2005