The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 February 2005

Return fire

The man of the hour is Ronald D. Coleman, general counsel of the Media Bloggers Association, who has agreed to represent Michael Bates during his dispute with the Tulsa World. A segment of Coleman's letter to World VP John Bair, as quoted on BatesLine:

Why a newspaper with a website would want to prevent Internet users from gaining access to that website, regardless of the referral source, is a question best left to the World Publishing Company's board of directors. But while Mr. Bates's links may be "inappropriate" in the view of your newspaper, Mr. Bair, there is no legal basis whatsoever on which the World may prevent it.

As I told KWTV's Catherine Pegram the other day, we don't seek to replace the mainstream media — only to keep them honest.

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