The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 February 2005

The least of these my brethren

We are not wealthy, generally, in the flyover zone, but we do our part for those less privileged.

And sometimes we go beyond the call of duty. The OKPartisan has traveled to Peru on missionary work for her church in Edmond, and has come up with the notion of an International Mall, which would work something like this:

Artisans from Peru and other countries create wonderful and unique goods that they sell in their own countries for very little money, but often a little money goes a long way. The groups from here who work with them could bring their goods here, mark up the price, and send the artists the profits, perhaps with a portion going to support other charitable activities. We could help musicians travel here to perform and record their music. We could have a food court with interesting foods from around the world. All of this could be presented along with educational displays about the countries, communities, and organizations represented.

This does seem to go beyond the boundaries of what we think of as traditional missionary work, but for what it is — a classic hands-across-the-water operation — it's a heck of a good idea, if it could be gotten to work with a minimum of fuss and overhead.

And speaking of across the water, Julie Neidlinger is back home in North Dakota from Nicaragua, and is posting her journals from the eleven-day trip.

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