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21 February 2005

Looking into the sunrise

I live in Oklahoma City's Ward 2, represented by Sam Bowman, who isn't up for reelection this year, so I admittedly haven't paid that much attention to the new crop of City Council candidates. The Oklahoman had a piece this morning on candidates for Ward 7, including incumbent Willa Johnson, but what caught my eye was some chatter by Mayor Cornett that addresses some issues I've mentioned before. There are plans, said Cornett, to "spruce up" the NE 23rd Street corridor, about which I grumbled last year.

And in a June piece about residential development close to downtown, I said this:

The major disadvantage for downtown living has been the lack of grocers: the nearest supermarket to downtown is the Homeland adjacent to Mesta Park, at 18th and Classen.

It didn't occur to me then that there wasn't even one supermarket in the 100-square-mile expanse of Ward 7, which stretches from east of downtown to the edge of Luther. The Mayor says he's looking into the possibility of working with a "major grocer," perhaps in the Deep Deuce area, which could serve both downtown and the near-northeast side, although he cautioned, "It will happen when the market conditions are ready for it to happen," and not before. I'm thinking a block or two farther north, in the Flatirons district, which would make for easier access from I-235.

From the standpoint of geography, Ward 7 is perhaps the nicest part of Oklahoma City: it's more forest than grassland, and it generally lacks the city's trademark flatness. If we could bring its infrastructure and streetscapes up to spec, it would be, I suspect, a far more desirable place to live.

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It might help to reduce the ward's crime rate, also. Neigher large grocery chains not long term residents flock to areas where they are likely to become a statistic.

Posted by: don at 11:39 AM on 21 February 2005 reports on a development that may include a new (upscale?) grocery in ward 7:

Posted by: don at 11:30 AM on 22 February 2005

Yeah. I saw that. It's the same development I mentioned here, although more of the participants are identified.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:55 PM on 22 February 2005