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21 February 2005

Look at me, indeed

Someone asked for a Sandra Dee memory, and the one that jumps into my head most immediately is a scene from the otherwise-ghastly Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding, in the beginning of which she is not only not lousy with virginity but is actually about to give birth, while three suitors beg for her hand in marriage. (In real life, this would exceed the expected number by about, um, three.)

The rest of the film is told in flashback, and at one point our heroine, putting her singing career on hold to the despair of her mother, has taken a secretarial job for a George Hamilton type, played conveniently by George Hamilton. While she takes dictation, we look over at George's desk, and we discover that the scuzzball has installed a mirror thereupon, and has trained it on Sandra's Certified Grade A legs. I need hardly point out that this was a traumatic experience for my thirteen-year-old Catholic-school self; between that and Goodbye Charlie, three years earlier, in which Debbie Reynolds plays a dead guy, it's a wonder I ever got through adolescence at all — though, in my defense, I never actually sent letters to Brigitte Bardot or anything like that.

Posted at 12:07 PM to Almost Yogurt

My mother was named Tammy after Sandra Dee's character. She was always sort of upset about that, and changed it last year. So, I guess Dee was traumatizing for all sorts of people ;)

Posted by: aldahlia at 5:45 PM on 21 February 2005

And surely she wasn't trying to be; it just sort of worked out that way. I wonder what Bobby Darin would have thought about this. (And no, I'm not going to ask Kevin Spacey.)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:54 PM on 21 February 2005

I don't remember Doctor, but I do remember Goodbye Charlie. Saw it on WGN years & years & years & years ago (sadly I can now add an extra 'years' since I understand they each equal 10)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 6:50 AM on 22 February 2005