The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

21 February 2005

A new angle or three

A consortium of developers has decided to brand an area near downtown and try to turn it into something different: "a vibrant mixed-use environment where people can 'live, work and play' in an upscale, fashionable urban community."

We've heard this before, but I no longer question the miraculous in this city; I've seen too many things that couldn't possibly work that somehow did. The Triangle district, which overlays part of Automobile Alley and includes the Flatirons area, is patterned after a rejuvenated warehouse district in Charlotte, North Carolina. The residential area is planned for near NE 3rd Street and Oklahoma Avenue, a block east of Broadway; there will be retail and entertainment facilities at its periphery.

The developers' next move is to descend upon the Oklahoma City Planning Commission, probably in April, with a sheaf full of plans. I note in passing that most of The Triangle lies within Ward 7. (Mr. Mayor, you knew about this, didn't you?)

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