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22 February 2005

Stumbling toward spring

The warmest it's ever been in February in this town was on this date in 1996, where the temperature topped out at an unreal 92 degrees. We won't see anywhere near that today — in fact, if the fog doesn't lift, we won't see much of anything at all — but usually Washington's Birthday suggests the beginning of the transition to spring. The average daily low is now above freezing, something it hasn't been for two months or so. In fact, all we really need to make it a true spring day is an outcropping of thunderstorms — which is promised for this evening.

I'm not putting away my ice-scraper yet, but Old Man Winter has likely done his worst for this year.

Posted at 7:02 AM to Weather or Not

I've put out a couple of tomato plants, so here's hoping the weather stays above freezing.

Posted by: Chris at 8:24 AM on 22 February 2005

You might have to bring those in a time or two!

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:44 AM on 22 February 2005

I remember that day well Charles . . had been in Tucson for a visit and was returning via Southwest Airlines. The Capt. told us what the current temperature was and followed it with "yes, that is accurate!" We thought we had brought the weather home with us.

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:47 AM on 22 February 2005

Unlike President's Day in Connecticut, where apparently the new annual Passage into Winter Phase II is a snowstorm, which has been the pattern the past four PD's out of seven.

Posted by: Vickie at 2:56 PM on 22 February 2005

Amen, Vickie. In NJ Presidents (Presidents', President's, let's call the whole thing off) Day is also Opening Day for Blizzard Season, although the coldest temps are usually behind us.

March nor'easters don't even bother showing up unless they can hit us with at least 10-12". Even April is not totally immune. A few years back opening day at Yankee Stadium was snowed out.

Of course, we can't complain up here about the near dearth of tornados.

Posted by: The Prop at 6:51 AM on 23 February 2005