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22 February 2005

You can't get there from here

This week, the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority is beginning something called the Oklahoma Fixed Guideway Study, including seven public meetings, which will focus on trying to anticipate traffic problems twenty-five or thirty years down the road and suggesting solutions.

Among the ideas being bounced around are HOV or bus lanes and commuter or light rail; the only options that have definitely been ruled out are a subway system (too expensive) and a monorail system (too expensive, and we couldn't get Lyle Lanley to sell it to us).

The current state of traffic in this town can be fairly described as "not as sucky as it could be," though obviously the level of suckage can be expected to rise as population and development increase. It's probably a good thing that they're trying to get the jump on these issues, but I hope they don't get the notion that there is some sort of magic bullet that will punch through all the potential problems at once.

(More thoughts along these lines in this week's Vent.)

Posted at 8:10 AM to City Scene

Too expensive? They've already spent how much on a transportational canal that goes nowhere?

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 5:05 PM on 22 February 2005

You kidding? They've got lots of improvements to make on that ditch before it goes nowhere. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:30 PM on 22 February 2005

Just don't let 'em lay down a light rail line in the middle of an already congested, dangerous traffic corridor. It's a bad idea. :)

Posted by: kevin whited at 12:38 PM on 24 February 2005