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22 February 2005

A letter to a state legislator

Subject: A plea for some action

There's not much chance of Democrats acting on a bill like HR 1429, but since the GOP was wise enough to bring up the topic in the first place — Marion Cooksey introduced the bill into the House, and Randy Brogdon is sponsoring it in the Senate — I hope you and your fellow Republicans on the Rules Committee will see fit to push it along and give the full House a chance to consider it. The 1974 ballot-access laws in this state are unworthy of a Third World hellhole; it's time to give the people of Oklahoma a chance at some serious democracy. With a small d.

(Sent 6:20 pm, 22 February 2005)

Posted at 6:28 PM to Outgoing Mail , Soonerland

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Here! Here! This bill must pass if legislators give a whit about what the voters think. Our founding fathers never imagined this two-party system bull or you can be sure it would have been addressed. Trebor, are you listening? Show us you are more than your daddy's boy. Show us you are a MAN who cares about little d democracy and is willing to take a stand. BTW, I think Trebor should stake out a few positions everyone knows his father would never have taken and show a little independence. He could put the "Daddy's making the decisions and passing them to the boy over dinner" talk to rest.

Posted by: Mike Sw... at 11:20 PM on 22 February 2005

I don't have to write my representative because she INTRODUCED the measure. I'm so proud.

Posted by: Dan at 10:33 AM on 23 February 2005

Dan, even so it might not hurt to write her and give her a pat on the back for having done so.

It's not unheard-of for a legislator who introduces a bill, to abandon it if it looks like the going's getting tough. A little support from the folks back home is always welcome, and can be useful.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:54 AM on 23 February 2005