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24 February 2005

The need for speed

The city has concluded that people drive too fast on the Broadway Extension and will crack down on such antisocial behavior. In a survey conducted earlier this month, hardly anyone was hugging the 60-mph speed limit, and two or three percent of drivers were doing better than 90.

Of course, going 90 mph isn't necessarily a hazard in itself; it's the people around you crawling along at 67 for whom it becomes an issue. Still, 90 mph isn't a viable speed limit for a short stretch of road, although obviously drivers are convinced that 60 is too low. The Lake Hefner Parkway is 65 for most of its length; the Broadway Extension — north of 63rd, anyway — ought to be at least as high.

Posted at 8:06 AM to City Scene , Driver's Seat

First they made the "new" I-35 that was all wide and open and perfect for flying along. Then Lake Hefner Raceway was made the same way and finally Broadway Extension was re-made to be just like it. So what do they expect?
I agree that 90 is bit much but 60 is too slow.

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:27 AM on 25 February 2005

I was in OKC last weekend and was amazed at the numbers of OHP, marked and unmarked, that were on I35/I44 just a wee past Frontier City. We stayed at the Sleep Inn right off the Pike and everytime we would head to the downtown area, they OHP would have people pulled over in wholesale. Must be time for the OHP grand gala and ball. Oh BTW, the Tulsa Oilers whoooped up on the OKC Blazers which is why were visited OKC. War Oilers!

Posted by: Bobby at 11:10 PM on 25 February 2005