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24 February 2005

A rack of options

An Italian sex researcher says that the shape of a woman's breasts determine her personality.

No, really, he said that.

(Courtesy of Lawren, who thinks it's "hysterical.")

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"Sexologist" Piero Lorenzoni believes that he found the brass ring: a woman's breast size denotes her personality. To make things really easy to comprehend......[read more]

If this is true, then we've got to stop calling Katie Couric 'perky.'

Posted by: Mike at 12:32 PM on 24 February 2005

That's a hoot(er)!

Posted by: unimpressed at 2:45 PM on 24 February 2005

If that's true, then breast implants would be the equivalent of a lobotomy.

Posted by: sya at 4:28 PM on 24 February 2005

Will this lead to a revival of the old science of phrenology??

But with a twist?

Posted by: The Prop at 4:46 PM on 24 February 2005

Instead of a twist, wouldn't that be a "kink"?

Posted by: unimpressed at 6:19 PM on 24 February 2005

I wish to state for the record that Katie Couric doesn't do a thing for me. (And her most recent incarnation, in which her cheekbones seem to be even with her eyebrows and her legs look like they've been soaked in Murphy's Oil Soap, is even less of a thrill.)

As regards the topic herein, I plead a relative dearth of hands-on experience.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:28 PM on 24 February 2005