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24 February 2005

Deleting the archives, sort of

Jack William Pacheco of Chowchilla, California does not want you to know that the Madera Narcotic Enforcement Team paid him a visit and charged him with possession of meth. (He says it belongs to a friend of a relative who was visiting; said friend was also busted.)

How much does he not want you to know this? He bought every issue he could find, in racks or at convenience stores, of that week's issue of The Chowchilla News, which mentioned the bust on Page One. Pacheco bought somewhere upward of 500 copies of the paper at half a buck apiece. Normal single-copy press run of the News is about 700 copies; 550 copies are delivered to subscribers. (No home-delivered copies were reported pilfered.)

The News went back to press and issued 500 more copies of the paper. Editor Patty Mandrell says that Pacheco wasn't being singled out, that front-page coverage of drug busts is the usual practice at the News. She didn't say whether being cleared of drug charges, as Pacheco insists he will be, qualifies for Page One.

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